101WKQX’s Kevin got on ‘The Tonight Show’ ….sort of

If you are comedian, you want to be on the ‘Tonight Show’. It’s a fact like water being wet, fire being hot, and Chicago having the best pizza in the world. It’s still a lofty goal to attain, and getting there is the creative equivalent of getting to Mars. Well, I didn’t get on ‘the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ but I got on a piece of paper that got on the ‘Tonight Show’. If you need to know where to watch, scroll to 7:22.

My thanks to Jimmy Fallon, his team, and his wonderful wife who is doubling as his cameraman. Fallon is entertaining for the quarantined people who are pent up and need a laugh. Everyone at 101WKQX is trying to do the same on air, on our social media, and anywhere else we can.

In the past, I have enjoyed blending the heart-warming holiday humor of Home Alone with my KQX family. Check out my ‘Kevin Alone’ sketches from the past few years.

Stay home (listen to us if you are alone) and be safe. 

101WKQX: Kevin is Home Alone?!

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals! Just like the movie #HomeAlone, Kevin (me) wished everyone away because they ate his pizza, now he's up to no good! Spread the fun by sharing it! -Kevin

Posted by 101 WKQX on Thursday, December 24, 2015