How old were you when you discovered your favorite band?

Music and youth. They are synonymous with each other. Part of becoming a young adult is picking up the flag of a band or a musical artists that speaks to you in that emotionally turbulent time when you are growing into yourself. So how old were you exactly when you had that discovery of your first ‘favorite band’? That band that maybe you still listen to now and hold in a special place in your heart. When did you have that formative experience?

TickPick surveyed 1,010 people the question and determined a few things on this, and it looks like most people find that music at 13. The survey added that you’ll be introduced to “explicit” music about the age of 12, and that attending concerts with your parents when you’re young helps you develop a stronger bond with them.

When I was on air today, I asked 101WKQX listeners to text into 312101 with their pre-teen/teen music origins. It was engaging to hear you all share your different beloved bands and how they shaped you. Trash Theory did a really fantastic job with this video essay about why My Chemical Romance is such an important band to the ’emo kids’ out there.