The Strokes are back with new song, new album details.

We’re going to get the first album from The Strokes in seven years —- soon.  Not right NOW.  But if you’ve waited THIS long, you can wait until April 10th to hear what the band has in store for you with The New Abnormal.  Look!  Billy Idol got a writing credit for one of the songs!  And you can check out one of the first songs we’ve heard from the LP — “At The Door.”  (You don’t have to wait for that.  You can just click play below)  —- [eric]

The Strokes – The New Abnormal

RELEASE DATE: April 10th

Track List:

No. Title Additional writers Length
1. “The Adults Are Talking” 5:09
2. “Selfless” 3:42
3. “Brooklyn Bridge to Chorus” 3:55
4. “Bad Decisions” Billy IdolTony James[15] 4:53
5. “Eternal Summer” Richard ButlerTim Butler[15] 6:16
6. At the Door Paul Vassallo[15] 5:10
7. “Why Are Sunday’s So Depressing” 4:35
8. “Not the Same Anymore” 5:37
9. “Ode to the Mets” 5:51
Total length: 45:08