Are you ready for more football? XFL debuts this weekend

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Football is not over even though the Super Bowl is in the books. This weekend ESPN, FOX, and ABC all broadcasted games from the revived alternative in pro football, XFL which is heavily funded by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon’s new separate company Alpha Entertainment, The debut games garnered a lot of attention from viewers yesterday with four of the top ten trending topics on Twitter being related to the games that featured the Los Angeles Wildcats, Houston Roughnecks, Seattle Dragons, and D.C. Defenders. Overall the response online was positive with football fans feeling it delivered on it’s promise of being something different but legit.

So it will last longer than the last time we saw the XFL in 2001 when it lasted just one season amid bad reception from sports media analysts and more? Only time will tell. Unfortunately the new XFL does not have a Chicago team this time around. Sorry Enforcer fans, maybe sometime in the future right?

The new league seems streamlined with a fresh takes on rules and presentation on the sport with changes to the kickoff, extra points, and much more. Here are the highlights of the two first games.