Watch Lollapalooza fence-jumpers fail big time

Lollapalooza draws hundreds of thousands to Grant Park in their Space Jame throw back jerseys, Camelbacks, and those that genuinely refer to things as “lit”. It has also has dozens of the biggest acts in music but the a viral video today of 50 people trying to jump over the fence today has been the biggest story of the fest so far. The story was covered across the web and was featured on local news shows from NBC, CBS, and others. People expressed a variety of negative opinions on the fence-jump, with some mad because they paid to attend the fest while others expressed an obvious safety concern.

Now the other big observation from many online as this story went viral is whether or not this group got away with it. The city of Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management stated a released statement to the media that the group did not get away with, and they have added security elements to insure it does not happen again. Officials also warned anyone from doing this and that those apprehended would be apprehended.