You don’t have to pay full price for the cake if you already ate it

A woman was shopping at a¬†Wichita Falls Walmart in Texas and demanded that she’d only be paying half price for her cake as only half of the cake was present.

It seems fair enough if half the cake was actually missing, so what’s the issue? She was the one who ate half of the cake!

The woman refused to pay full price for the cake at the check out even though she was eating it the whole time.

After the encounter at the register, the woman refused to leave the Walmart as they did not grant her the desired discount and police had to escort her off the Walmart property.

As a result of her bold shenanigans, she is now banned from entering any Walmart.

It just does with the saying “you break it you buy it”, but in this case, it’s “you eat it you buy it.”