Everyone wants a piece of the Biebs

A few weeks ago Justin Bieber challenged Tom Cruise to a cage match via twitter and the internet laughed about it.

However, Steve-O is looking to make this a reality and he wants a piece of the Biebs too!

In a recent video interview, Steve-O talked about how if the fight does not happen between Justin Bieber and Tom Cruise, he will proudly step in the ring to fight Justin Bieber.

In the interview, he playfully challenges Bieber saying to Justin Bieber, “I think you’ve been picking a fight with the wrong guy. Tom Cruise might be fifty-six, but, hey, I’m 45!”

Steve-O was so eager to make get in the cage with Justin that he drove to Las Vegas to meet with UFC president who promised him that if Tom Cruise doesn’t accept, Steve-O will take his place. They even shook on it!

Dana White has even been communicating in talks with Tom Cruises people and Justin Bieber’s too, to make this fight a reality.

Steve-O didn’t say if he can beat the Biebs, but he did say he knows he can take a beating for sure.

Either way, Justin Bieber might be fighting someone in the cage soon!