Like a Florida mom, we publicly shamed our intern

If you read the title of this and saw the state that this revenge filled mother is from then there is no surprise about this parenting choice.

A video posted to Facebook on Saturday showed a teenage girl, in the company of her mother, holding a sign that read “I lied. I humiliated myself & my mother,” at a busy intersection.

The video also shows the mother ordering her daughter to continue moving around with the sign to make sure everybody could see that she is, in fact, a liar. The post has thousands of views on Facebook, and many people are aking, is it ok to use public shaming as a punishment for your children?

Well, we had a bit of a situation with one of our interns this morning so we decided to test out this whole public shaming technique.

Here’s what happened. Mullet Man, our newest intern, came in and decided for some reason to share the fact that he once cheated on his wife while she was PREGNANT!

Obviously, the crew could not stand for this so we made our own sign and sent him out to the streets.

Did he learn his lesson? Who cares, Mullet man deserves this!