New app let’s you fake Facetime calls with famous people

An app now exists where you can fake a Facetime call with a famous person like Post Malone or Billie Eilish. Why have real friends when you can have fake famous friends with video to convince others? It’s called Flextime.

Marketing agency MSCHF is believed to have possibly developed this as a stunt, and strategist Daniel Greenberg told The Verge why it’s catching on.

“Millennials are all about texting,” Greenberg said of the generation and their smartphone habits. “Everyone my age and younger is always FaceTiming. I have gone to many a bar in Brooklyn and pretended that I was talking to Post Malone and so people have believed it.”

Flextime is out now as a browser version for anybody to use, but you can not share anything directly. A mobile version is out through a thid-party app called Monkey where you can share the recordings directly to Instagram or Twitter.