Cubs-Astros game gets emotional after foul hit

Wednesday nights game between the Chicago Cubs and the Huston Astros had an intense moment when a foul ball hit a child, sending her to the hospital.

Cubs outfielder Albert Almora Jr. hit a line drive in the fourth inning into the field-level stands down the third base line, where it ended up hitting the girl. He reacted instantly to seeing her get hit and got very emotional over the incident.

He eventually ran over to a security officer near where the ball went to check out the condition of the girl, where he became emotional and hugged the officer.

Later, Reddit user matts290 wrote an update on the child’s situation:

“She is going be OK according to my mom. She was 4 rows away and just talked to security guard who said they are taking her to hospital for precautionary reasons but early signs are good.

Edit: Little girl is 4. She is talking and awake. Security let Almora know too and he was emotional and thankful.

Edit 2: the Almora hug with female security guard was one of joy but very emotional. That female security guard is who gave my mom the update. She is 2nd row on the 3rd baseline.

Edit 3: Because it’s the internet, here is a pic my mom took of the hug Almora gave after security told him girl was OK.”