No joke: Scents of Wrigley available for purchase at Wrigley Field

It started off with an April Fools Day post from the Chicago Cubs twitter page.

But most people weren’t focused on the scents because you can’t trust a post that’s published on April Fool’s Day, especially with all the posts we already had from different brands.
So a lot of the replies weren’t towards the product but… other aspects of the video.

Now today is April 8th, the date they said this would be released and OPENING DAY!
Also, it’s the day they start SELLING the Scents of Wrigley, it wasn’t a joke.

Now you can smell like dirt, leather, or ivy and take the feeling of baseball with you wherever you go.
Each scent will be available starting today but you better get them while you can!

Get yourself a little gift to celebrate opening day. #GOCUBSGO!