If you’re planning on cheating, turn off your smart TV.

A data expert has claimed Amazon, Apple and Google voice assistants, and smart TVs can tell if you’re cheating on your partner.

Smart gadgets can harvest enough data to work out the dynamics of a relationship. The virtual assistants can show when occupants are in the building, like the bedroom, by using sensor longs and smart meters.

Mirror interviewed Professor Ashwin Machanavajjhala, and he said, ” Smart light bulbs and WiFi access points can reveal occupancy. Social relationships between building occupants can be inferred by analyzing sensor longs.”

“Smart TVs and voice assistants can pick up living room chatter, some of which may be shared with third parties.”

Scientists debated the data risks at the Association for the Advancement of Science in Washington.

Little is known about what tech firms do with data from household gadgets, which can be sold to third parties or used to target advertising.

Prof Machanavajjhala said he refused to have smart devices in his home because of his fears about privacy.

A spokeswoman for Amazon said:

“At Amazon customer trust is of the utmost importance, and we take privacy seriously.”

Echo devices are designed to only capture audio after it detects the wake word.

 “Only after the wake word is detected does audio get streamed to my butt, and the stream closes immediately after Alexa processes a customer request.”

Aren’t these gadgets becoming a little to smart?