Who Did it?! The Stinky Controversy at the Grand Slam Of Darts

The Grand Slam of Darts is a wildly popular sporting event in the UK with huge cash prizes, TV coverage, and big time personalities but the event this week was stunk up this past week with a scandal. Challenger Wasley Harms claims that his poor play against 2-Time World Champion Gary Anderson was because Anderson farted near him with such a smell, that it affected his performance. Anderson denies it, which would based on the Geneva Fart convention implies he “supplied it”. Anderson has denied it, but we all know he should have used the standard rebuttal¬† of ” he who smelt, dealt it” but we digress. The Washington Post has more on the story here.¬†

Anderson swears on his kid’s life in the NSFW video above that it was not him, and that nothing crossed.

In a less smelly controversy, Anderson and his finals opponent Gerwin Price had some odd unclear tension in it.