Winning big money in Mega Millions? You have better odds of…

Dreaming of winning billions in Mega Millions this week?  Your odds are 1 in 302,575,350.  You actually have better odds of:

  • Meeting an adult who has 11 siblings.  (1 in 100)
  • Taking a trip to the ER due to a golf cart accident.  (1 in 22,355)
  • Meeting an adult who has 11 siblings whilst being treated for your unfortunate golfing accident (1 in 2,235,000)*
  • Being attacked by a shark.  (1 in 11,500,000)
  • Running into someone who bacon and eggs (1 in 100)
  • Coming across a woman who is 6’2″ tall.  (1 in 2,686)
  • Having an IQ of at least 180 (1 in 3,500,000)
  • Meeting a 6’2″ tall woman with an IQ of at least 180, full from her breakfast of bacon and eggs (1 in 69,260,122)*
  • Being electrocuted (1 in 1,439,000)
  • Bitten and killed by a snake bite (1 in 37,420,000)
  • Being killed by a vending machine. (1 in 112,000,000)

The one interesting thing I found?  You DO have a better chance of winning the jackpot….over being born.  — [eric]

*Yeah, yeah, yeah….the math and science isn’t EXACT.  But it’s close.  Close enough for a fun article talking about winning the lottery.  Can we just agree on that?

SOURCES:  Book of Odds, The Motley Fool

[📷 : Pixabay]