Westallion Brewing Company creates CANDY CORN BEER! … you’re either in or out!

Westallion Brewing Company in West Allis, Wisconsin debuted a new beer flavor just for the fall.  OH MAN !  You either will love this or hate this!

This is how they described it on their facebook page :

Whether you love it, or claim to hate it, there’s no denying that Candy Corn is THE Halloween staple candy. Made famous by the Goelitz Confectionery Company (now Jelly Belly), this seasonal favorite that was originally called “chicken feed” has been stuffed into orange pumpkin buckets since the late 1800’s!
But what is it?
Candy Corn is basically a load of sugar bound together by corn syrup, gelatins and other artificial flavors and colors.
But for us, we just couldn’t help but wonder what candy corn would be like as a beer…..our love runs that deep.
So, at the base, we created a cream ale using lactose sugars to keep some sweetness, but added Simcoe hops to create a bit of a bite and a balance (and maybe help remind us that it’s still beer?). Instead of smashing up some candy corns and throwing them in our beer, we made our own candy corn out of less beer destructive ingredients and threw them into our beer!
While pumpkin beers might continue to dominate the Halloween beer markets, look West to Westallion to lead them into a new direction!