Halloween costumes 2018

Now that Halloween is less than three weeks away, the scramble is on to find the perfect costume. Here are a few of the less-obvious ones we found online:

Naughty Deadpool (Listed on the site as “Red Merc” for obvious copyright reasons).
(From 3WISHES.com)

Say goodbye to your “parent of the year” award when you dress your small child like serial killer Michael Myers!
(From Halloweencostumes.com)

Adult Bob Ross painting
(From Spirit)

Finally: A naughty pinata costume!
(From Halloweencostumes.com)

Adult Bear Piggyback
(From Spirit)

Not to be outdone…
(From buycostumes.com)

One has to wonder who would actually buy the “Adult Tommy Chong Kit.”
(From Wholesalehalloweencostumes.com)

Double entendre, anyone?
(From halloweenexpress.com)

Didn’t know this costume even existed. If the new X-Men “Dark Phoenix” movie doesn’t include a comics-accurate Phoenix costume like this, it will have missed its mark!
(From HalloweenCostumes.com)

And this DIY costume from last year is pretty fantastic:


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