Reviews keep getting better for ‘STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI’ (NO SPOILERS)

The reviews keep coming in for the hotly anticipated ‘STAR WARS: the Last Jedi’ and they are overall very good. The current Rotten Tomatoes score for the film from critics who have seen it prior to it’s official release on Friday stands at a very solid 93% , with the the consensus “Star Wars: The Last Jedi honors the saga’s rich legacy while adding some surprising twists — and delivering all the emotion-rich action fans could hope for.” Do not worry NO SPOILERS lays ahead in the videos below from the top Youtube reviewers below.

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Praise has been given to several big twists here, elaborate action sequences, and character development under the guise of director Rian Johnson. The negatives given to ‘Last Jedi’ seem to be minimal especially considering there is so much expected from these films with this being the 8th film in the blockbuster series.