Beer Makes You Speak Foreign Languages Better? Consider Me Fluent in Belarusian!

Alcohol isn’t exactly known for making your brain work better.  In fact, it is usually quite the opposite.  Unless it comes to speaking a foreign language.

Now, full disclosure:  you actually have to be able to SPEAK the language first.  You aren’t just going to wake up and suddenly drip French off your tongue.

However, a university in the Netherlands did an experiment with bilingual students.  The control group had no alcohol.  The other group had a moderate amount of booze, that brought their BAC up to about 0.04.  Each gave an argument in a foreign language for two minutes.  And two impartial — and non inebriated — judges gave everyone marks on their ability to speak.

The people who boozed it up WON.  That seems counter-intuitive, but the scientists figured it had to do with the one thing alcohol does right:  it gave the speakers confidence and wiped away any nerves that non-native speakers usually feel speaking a different language.

Alcohol:  the world’s greatest confidence booster.  It’s science.  — [eric]