Tiffany’s Is Trolling Everyone With ‘Everyday Objects’ That Cost A Fortune


No one shops at Tiffany & Co. expecting to find a reasonably-priced gift. The company is known for its high-end diamond engagement rings, necklaces, cuff links, and other items. It’s website even has a “Price is no object” section. But a new line turns basic items that are usually cheap into ridiculous symbols of wealth. Tiffany’s is calling the line ‘Everyday Objects.’

sterling silver ball of yarn runs $9,000.(MORE HERE)

Tiffany & Co has launched a new line called “everyday objects” which includes a range of items like paper cups and tin cans. The objects are made of materials like sterling silver and gold and come with laughable price tag. The Jewelry company seems to be trolling customers with their $1000 paper clip bookmark and $95 paper cup. Social Media seems to be baffled by the collection, asking why anyone would pay $1000 for a tin can or $9000 for a ball of yarn.