Fall Out Boy, Eddie Vedder Bring Music To Wrigley

Yesterday’s (9/16) seventh inning stretch was performed by none other than….Fall Out Boy.  Prior to the game, Pete Wentz got to show off his arm:


And then, Patrick Stump and the guys showed off their pipes.  Here’s them singing “Take Me Out To The Ballgame.” (Thnx, @famousamos_12)


But that’s not even the biggest musical get from the weekend.  On Friday, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder — noted Cubs enthusiast — jumped out on to Waveland and jammed the guitar to “Corduroy” with a busking band: (Credit: @bleacherbum54)


I remember watching Ted Lilly and Ryan Dempster running laps around the neighborhood before games.  Theriot and Fontenot lived there, for crying out loud!  And let’s not forget that you could have bumped elbows with David Ross riding the Red Line to the ballpark.  Wrigley is one of the best baseball experiences in the country.  Hands down. We are lucky to have it…  — [eric]

[PHOTO CREDIT:  Twitter/Chicago Cubs]