30 Seconds To Mars’ Leto Went Blind For New Role

I don’t know if anyone can ever accuse Jared Leto of not working.  Besides being an Oscar-winning actor, his passion for music is evident when he lets you know that 30 Seconds To Mars is not a side project.  He and the band spend months and months on the road touring and connecting with fans.

Now, method acting?  Maybe you can accuse Leto of going overboard…or maybe it’s exactly the thing that makes his various performances stand out.

Jared has a pivotal role in the Blade Runner sequel coming out October 6th.  He plays a blind android manufacturer.  And in order to understand his role, he wore contact lenses that not only gave the appearance of his lack of sight, but diminished his own to the point that he couldn’t see —- he had have a person assist him from place to place.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, see this short that gives you the backstory on his character.  And keep an ear for “Walk On Water” on 101WKQX, the lead single from the band’s upcoming fifth album.

[PHOTO:  YouTube/Collider]