Man loses $4 Million dollar lottery ticket for four months

A Virginia man did the same thing with a winning lottery ticket that I do my apartment key, he lost it. Eric Lopez of Manasses told the Virginia Lottery he bought a $4,000,000 Spectacular Riches ticket in April, but when he went to scratch the ticket he discovered that he couldn’t remember where he had left it. Lopez said the ticket remained missing earlier this month, when he found it hiding among a stack of papers in his car while on his lunch break. During the same lunch break, Lopez scratched off the ticket and discovered he had just become a millionaire.

“I was kind of ecstatic. I haven’t even been sleeping because I’ve never seen anything like this in my life,” he said in article with UPI. 

Lopez opted for the lump sum of his lotto winnings going with $2,571,357, saying he will use it to pay off debt, send his children to college, and possibly start a business.