The reviews for ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ are good! (NO SPOILERS)

Can the 6th Spider-Man film and second ‘reboot’ deliver the feels of a teenage Peter Parker balancing high-school life with the ‘great power and great responsibility’? Currently with the movie coming out this weekend in theaters, the collaboration between Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios holds a strong Rotten Tomatoes score of 92%.

Here are some of the most on-point reviews from reliable reviewers on Youtube. Note these reviews DO NOT CONTAIN ANY SPOILERS, so read away before you head off to see it.

Chris Stuckman is a big web-head but has not liked any Spidey flicks since ‘Spider-Man 2’, so he says this is new film is “well directed, well acted” and watch his video to see his score for it.

Grace of Beyond the Trailer says this new movie about our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is “the most realistic superhero ever made” and notes this movie is taking the Marvel Cinematic Universe into a self-aware “meta era”. She also notes that Marisa Tomei as an updated younger take on Peter Parker’s maternal figure Aunt May delivers. “Incredibly well done, from top to bottom”.

IGN gives ‘Homecoming’ gives it another strong review saying it takes a greater focus on the characters over elaborate action sequences with winning results.