Bleachers’ Concept Album, Full Of Fist-Pumps & Feelings


Jack Antonoff has come a long way from fronting the relatively scrappy Steel Train, then updating that band’s melodic instincts with the more straightforward pop hooks of fun. When he finally struck off on his own to form Bleachers, the resulting sound made total sense; steeped in the ‘80s, emotionally straightforward, and not at all subtle. Admittedly, Antonoff can be so emotive and over the top at places it could play as parody, but you just can’t shake the fact he means it. You believe it, and you fall into his thrall. (MORE HERE)

Jack was great at PIQNIQ.  Watch highlights of his backstage performance below

You might know this song from hearing it on the air on 101WKQX. Jack wrote it about his girlfriend Lena Dunham