U.K. Airport launches indoor navigation system to help passengers find their way

(from thenextweb.com)

Serving the London region, Gatwick Airport is the UK’s second busiest airport, after London Heathrow. As you’d expect, it’s a gargantuan place, and getting around its two massive terminals can be a nightmare.To ameliorate this, Gatwick has taken the unusual step of installing 2,000 bluetooth-powered beacons that tell passengers where they are in the airport’s two terminals. The beacons are the product of a collaboration with London startup Pointr, and are accurate to three meters — so pretty dang accurate. The first incarnation of the system shows travelers where they are on a digital map, with their location visualized as a blue dot. Gatwick eventually intends to introduce an augmented reality system that guides users with turn-by-turn directions, using real-world visual data. (MORE HERE)

That’s cool, but I just want an app that shows me where all the good food spots are at in the airport, also napping places. I mean if you don’t have those two things you’re just wasting everyone’s time.