VIDEO: Seth MacFarlane launching a ‘Star Trek’ spoof on FOX

This is shuffle season for TV with shows getting cancelled, renewed, and new shows getting a shot on the broadcast and streaming networks. And FOX had their recent upfront event for advertisers and partners, where they introduced a trailer for a new sci-fi comedy series starring ‘Family Guy’ creator Seth MacFarlane. ‘The Orville’ is a clear spoof of ‘Star Trek’ and sees MacFarlane playing a first-time captain of space ship whose in way over his head.



It’s getting some tough competition for ratings in a Thursday night slot this fall opposite the very popular drama ‘This is Us’ on NBC. Also the show will get immediate comparisons to CBS’s TV reboot of ‘Star Trek’ in the series ‘Star Trek: Discovery’. This show will have a lot of built-in expectations especially when you consider the fans MacFarlane will bring into this from ‘American Dad’ and ‘Family Guy’ but this talented TV coach/player has proven himself with being able to pull off long form spoofs. With ‘Family Guy’, the show score big hits with it’s extended spoofs of ‘Star Wars’ and did so without bashing the source material.

The trailer does seem like a total knockout but looks genuinely fun as a scifi show and visually really reminds a viewer of ‘Star Trek: the Next Generation’.