VIDEO: A Look Inside Jack White’s Third Man Records

I was watching CBS This Morning this past Saturday.  Not my finest moment, to be sure.  But there I was, coffee in hand, nothing but “rabbit ear” TV, and attempting to join the living world around me again when Jack White suddenly appeared on the screen.

This video gives you an introductory look at what the White Stripes frontman has built in Nashville.  Some things we learn:

  • Third Man’s eight German-made vinyl presses are the first new ones to be built in around 35 years.
  • Their catalog of artists is quite eclectic:  it includes vinyl records from a famous auctioneer.
  • Jack’s past career in furniture upholstery bleeds over into the attention to detail in the packaging of the records they offer.
  • Third Man is no longer just a passion project:  vinyl sales are expected reach into the billions this year.  That’s with a “B.”

Enjoy.  — [E.K.]