This app wants you to buy tickets last minute


When you’re friend from out of town asks if you have a connection to get tickets where would you go? SeatGeek is pretty great for last minute ticket obtaining. Another great option is GameTime.  In a matter of minutes, you’ll have your tickets and all of them on your phone. This is the use case that Gametime is trying to serve — social, last minute, and seamless.

“We’re the best last-minute tool for sports and shows and theater,” said Brad Griffith, Gametime founder and CEO. “Compared to the competition, we appeal mostly to a younger demographic who does more in life and wants to do more with friends. We really own this last-minute category in the ticketing industry.”

Surely, they aren’t the biggest ticket reseller and perhaps they never will be. But Colin Evans, Gametime’s chief revenue officer, who was also one of the founding members of StubHub, doesn’t see that ranking as an issue. Griffith, Evans, and their team based in San Francisco (with about 80 employees) are determined to own a new market. (MORE HERE)