Petitions Seeks To Rename Pittsburgh Airport For Mr. Rogers

I appear to be a pretty tough guy.  I shave my head.  Some might say I cast an imposing presence.  And as I type this wearing my vintage Tool sweatshirt and various other clothing items of black, I’m immediately brought back to the innocence of childhood with news about Mr. Fred Rogers.

Hey, we all have our soft sides…

A petition is circling calling to rename the Pittsburgh International Airport after the host of Mister Roger’s Neighborhood, a staple of public television and childhoods for generations of kids.  Later in life, I heard interesting things about Mr. Rogers:

  • He was a sniper in the army (NOT TRUE)
  • He wore those cardigans to cover tattoos (NOT TRUE)
  • He was a vegetarian (TRUE!)
  • He was colorblind (TRUE!)
  • He originated his broadcasts from WQED in Pittsburgh, the local PBS affiliate.  That would be the reason for choosing that particular airport.

With all this tension in today’s politically charged climate — maybe a good reminder from our past? – [eric]