Chicago Cubs Discontinue “Print-At-Home” Ticketing

The days of printing out your tickets at home for games at Wrigley Field is OHHH-VA.

To cut down on counterfeiting, the Cubs announced yesterday that tickets will be mailed or available at will call only.  Too many scammers took advantage of the World Series run last year by passing fake tickets.  I’m okay with this.  It is not as convenient, but as long people aren’t getting screwed over, fair enough.

The added bonus of going back to good old fashioned tickets…I have books and books of my old concert and game stubs.  I got away from that because lets be honest…something printed out on a deskjet just doesn’t have the same gravity.

What I don’t want to see is what other sports arenas seem to be moving towards…attaching tickets to the magnetic stripe of your credit card you bought them with.  The credit card then becomes your ticket into an event.

So…what if I can’t go last minute to an event?  Can’t exactly throw my tickets to a friend.  Nor am I too keen on exposing my credit number to yet another scanner.

In summary:  paper tickets, good.  The future of electronic ticketing still needs some work, right?