Wrigley Field Is A Construction War Zone

According to a report from DNAinfo, this is what Wrigley Field looks like this week:



Some may consider the rebuild of the team complete, but the 1060 Project trudges on.  Each offseason, Wrigley Field has checked a few projects off each year.  And old girl looks GOOD.  You’ve seen the improvements:  The bleachers, the scoreboards, the home clubhouse…and this winter they’ve been working on the concourse behind home plate – hence, the equipment on the field.

According to the team, the field will be ready for opening day on April 10th.  That’s aggressive…but you know damn well they will hit that mark.

However, some things will not.

The concession stands, for one.  They might be ready to roll until May or June.  That could make for a very interesting start to the season.  Remember the bathroom situation from a couple years back?

Ditto for the new outdoor plaza…they expect that to be ready by summer.

The culprit of the construction cram?  A deep post-season run that ultimately delivered the club’s first World Series title since 1908.  So I say, let’s just suck it up and quit our bitchin’ 😉 — [eric]