Snapchat Spectacles released through weird ‘Snapbot’ boxes


That is not a Minion, though it does look like one. It’s the new vending machine that popped up in California today for Snapchat’s hotly anticipated release of Spectacles which allow the user to snapchat video with glasses that link to your smartphone. The eye wear companion device  which will likely increase your 13 second video addiction, gained a lot of attention when it was first announced earlier this year, but little has been known about it’s release until today. The ‘Snapbot’ vending machine is not widely present across the country, and it appears based on Twitter posts from @Spectacles official handle, it made one public appearance today in Venice Beach, garnered long lines. If that’s not weird enough for you, the Snapbots blink and follow you as you approach them. You know, that’s not creepy at all right?

Finding the Snapbot is not exactly easy, as they are rumored to be popping up in major cities all over but your best bet is to go It will cost you $129 for a pair.

The celebs always get the cool stuff first, right? Even in this apparent word-of-mouth campaign by Snapchat, it helps when a big name TV personality like Ellen DeGeneres to give it buzz. The daytime talk show host and comedian got to get her own pair of Spectacles today and shared the experience of snapping in POV on her Youtube channel. It’s sort of like your filming your own less scary version of ‘Blair Witch Project’.