Cubs World Series Championship Parade and Rally

cubs-win¬†ūüď∑:Gregory Shamus / Getty Images

The mayor has announced Chicago will honor the World Series champion Chicago Cubs with a Friday parade.

Specifics are being worked out, but know that¬†there will be “a parade to stand the test of time.”

The mayor had no specifics on the route, telling reporters “just stand in the middle of the street somewhere and you’ll see it.”

Asked whether the Chicago River will be dyed blue, he said he would like to do that, but wasn’t certain if it would work. “I want to do a lot of things,” Emanuel said.

Like take a party nap?  Yes please.

I heard it will start in Wrigleyville and end downtown, via Lake Shore Drive, for a victory rally at Grant Park.


*UPDATE: Cubs official website has stated the parade will start at 10AM CST. ¬† Official word coming from the City of Chicago has the festivities starting at 10am leaving Wrigley Field with the parade starting around 11am making it’s way towards downtown ¬†with a rally celebration taking place in Grant Park around 12pm. Here is the specifics streets for the parade route direct from the City.


I’ll update this page as I get more information.

See you tomorrow!!  Congratulations Cubbies!!!

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