Facebook is now streaming video on your TV


Another way we can not escape the ever-present reach of Mark Zuckerberg into our collective lives…

Facebook this week introduced video streaming on Apple TV and Chromecast from mobile devices. So you will be able to watch that live stream of your nephew’s birthday party when your out of town on a TV. This is going to be useful and is an expected upgrade, as Facebook invests more resources into their video platform whether it’s video you are shooting yourself or professionally cut-together footage from people like us here at 101WKQX. So You might want to update your notfications to see all the cool stuff we’ll be shooting at the Nights We Stole Christmas Dec 1-3rd at Aragon, more info here.

At first glance the most interesting part will being able to see live comments to your FB live videos on a TV screen. There is still ways to go with FB video on big screen TVs as the feature is devloped, with only iOS devices able to stream to Apple TV and Chromecasts. The feature will soon be available from Android devices to Chromecasts.