South Park is without much doubt, one of the funniest satirical shows in TV history so as it’s slides into it’s 20th Season (?!) on September 14th on Comedy Central, this comedy nerd had to lay down the top 20 episodes of the show. This of course will lead to much debate, but isn’t that half the fun anyway? There is no absolute way to crunch all this down into a definitive list with this brilliant treasure driven by the minds of Trey Parker and Matt Stone. So if you are really upset, hit me up on Twitter @kevkellam and let me feel your nerd-rage or nerd-praise. Here is the 50-25 selected episodes which were decided by my unsocial friends and I spending more time watching this marvelous show in the last few weeks than Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman spent playing the Okama Gamesphere. We’ll post 25-1 tomorrow so calm down, m’ kay. 

Before we start the list, let’s go inside the writer’s room of SP with former writer Jon Kimmel (yes, Jimmy’s brother) who also has worked on ‘The Man Show’, ‘Crank Yankers’,’Jimmy Kimmel Live’ and most recently the Emmy Awards. Here Kimmel digs into how the show’s process for creating an episode evolved, how he would end the show, an idea he get on the air that likely upset his mother, and the twisted minds of show creators Trey Parkers and Matt Stone. Listen and subscribe to our Not Ready for Broadcast Podcast.


Besides in the words of a great member of law enforcement, RESPECT MY AU-THORAATEEE!

50. Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Poo (Season 1 / Ep 9) Inspired by stories from Trey Parker’s youth where his father told him if he continued to forget to flush, what he left behind would come out of the toilet, and eat him. Well, Mr. Hankey did not doo that (get it?) but he tried to save the holidays. He’s just a real piece of ya know

 49. Mecha-Streisand (Season 1 / Ep 12) One of the first noteworthy celeb spoofs, politically outspoken pop music icon Barbra Streisand turning into a monster due an ancient amulet, and Chef calls on alternative music icon Robert Smith of the Cure help save the day.  

48. Chickenlover (Season 2 / Ep 4) Officer Bob Brady was at this early point the town’s sole police officer and it’s revealed that he’s illiterate. Cartman assumes some faux level of law enforcement, which leads the creation of his signature catchphrase which I have already used for my own personal gain which is just what Cartman would do. Also there is a man who is doing bad things with chickens.

47. Cancelled (Season 7 / Ep 1) The Planet Earth is revealed to a reality TV show made by aliens which when you think about it, would explain a lot of the weird stuff that happens if it were real. Also there is a Taco and it does something that Tacos should not be able to do.

46. The Simpsons Already Did It (Season 6 / Ep 7) South Park goes meta here, trying to squash beef made between fans of legendary animated classic ‘The Simpsons’ and how SP may have inherently replicated similar story line or joke. This is honestly a silly debate but it makes for some unnerving issues between characters in the little town.

45. Reverse Cowgirl (Season 16 / Ep1 ) It’s a great spoof of the new security measures added in America after 9/11 when no one can go to the bathroom without proper clearances and cavity inspections all because somebody left the seat up in the bathroom.

44. ‘The Coon Trilogy’ (Season 14 / Ep 10-12) Though this is not first appearance of Cartman’s unthreatening superhero alter ego, it takes the whole cosplay elements to new levels with all the boys getting in on the fun in an cataclysmic event with the rise of the monster Cthulhu and someone who actually has superpowers. So you read this entire list, you’ll note I am being an over-analytic geek about multi-episode stories.

43. The Ungroundables ( Season 12 / Ep 14) When Butters thinks he sees a vampire, the self-aggrandizing Goth kids get offended that no one thinks they are vampires. The Goths really steal the show here, taking focus off Stan, Kyle, and company but it’s worth it.

42. Cartman’s Mom is a… (Season 1 / Ep 13) Done with nods to soap operas with a ‘who done it, or here specifically ‘who done her?’ reveal, we find out who is the father of Eric Cartman. Highlight: Could Cartman’s dad be the entire Denver Broncos football team?


 yes, she is a fan of the show.  

41. Towelie (Season 5/ Ep 8) This memorable character ‘Towelie’ promotes towel use and smoking weed is the plot device in war between a corporation and the government, but the boys don’t care they just want their new video game system. Look for the live action fake commercial thrown in, that sells Towelie merchandise minutes after he was introduced.

40. The Snuke (Season 11 / Ep 4) Trey and Matt spoof the FOX TV series ‘24’ with a nuclear weapon hidden in a certain part of Hillary Clinton’s anatomy. There was reportedly debate at to whether or not to refer it as a ‘snizz or a snuke’ in the writer’s room.

39. Sexual Harassment Panda ( Season 3 / Episode 6) Cartman tries to sue Stan for  sexual harassment after he learns about the very serious serious from a man dressed in a panda suit. Need we say more? 

38. An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig (Season 1 / Ep 5) The boys get challenged by a fellow classmate to see if they can make an elephant mate with a pot belly pig. That was obvious but we’re spoiled with one of Chef’s best songs (featuring Elton John?!) that helps set the mood for love.

37. Taming the Strange (Season 17 / Ep 5) Kyle and his head-flapping little brother Ike grow a part when one of them hits puberty first. This causes some pretty awkward coming-of-age situations as Kyle tries to save it all with a live performance by kiddie TV show stars Yo Gabba Gabba.

36. Free Willzyx (Season 9 / Ep 13) Jon Kimmel former writer for South Park ( you can listen to our chat with him in our Not Ready for Broadcast here) says this one of the episodes that the staff of the show loves the most. One of the series’s best visual gags is pulled off at the end of the episode on the Moon.

35. Casa Bonita (Season 7 / Ep 11) Cartman’s character as a real garbage person is on display when he makes Butters disappear when he’s not invited on Kyle’s birthday trip to a Mexican restaurant, so he can take the little blonde kid’s spot. Once you watch this, you will hear the snappy diddy that Cartman gleefully sings to describe this elaborate “Disney World of Mexican restaurants”.

34. The Biggest …. in the Universe (Season 6/ Ep 15) After some digging, it has been revealed that the entire crew behind SP believes that John Edwards, a man who claimed to have the ability to speak to the dead was the biggest ‘d’ in the universe. This democracy-in-action drew the crew to roast Edwards. In the episode, Kenny’s soul (after many deaths) is trapped in Cartman’s body and the guys go to Edwards to see if he can communicate with Kenny from the other side. Highlight: The Doctor who overlooks Cartman in a hospital, vaguely refers to all of Cartman’s health issues as just “his time running out“ with no explanation at all.

33. Chef-Aid (Season 2 / Ep 14) It’s a parade of stars as the Clash’s Joe Strummer, Primus, Ween, Rick James, Ozzy Osbourne, and other music stars to help Chef’s legal fight to get the rights to his hit song ‘Stinky Britches’ back the from hideous evil that is Alanis Morissette. This episode prompted an album feature all the musical artists who made cameos in the episode.

32. Butter’s Bottom B… (Season 13 / Ep 9) Ever clueless Butters unknowingly becomes a pimp who sells kisses and hugs. The very abrasive dialogue from his innocent lips in this story even more ridiculous. Imagine the cutest kitten swearing with doughy eyes?

31. The List (Season 11 / Ep 14) When the boys at South Park Elementary find out the girls have a created a list that ranks them by cuteness it creates unrest and not the cute kind because this is South Park. This episode shows of SP’s secret ability to make you emphasize with the characters when they’re going through a tough time when Kyle’s ranking is real low.

30. Christian Hard Rock (Season 7 / Episode 9) In his quest to get a platinum record before Stan, Kyle, and Kenny, Cartman forms a Christian rock band called Faith +1. You read that correctly. The hater of all dirty hippies forms a Christian rock band. On bass is Token Black, because because according to Cartman “All black people know how to play bass”, and on drums Leopold “Butters” Stotch. (God I love that I got to type out Leopold, what an awesome name.) This episode has some of the funniest songs in the shows history, and one of the best Carman schemes of all time. And let us not forget the whole social commentary on illegally downloading music which causes Metallica and a number of other musicians to go on strike. But the main event is Faith +1.


29. ManBearPig (Season 10 / Ep 6) The boys get stuck in a cave in a chase after politician Al Gore brings them down there to chase a monster that combines man, bear, and pig as MAN BEAR PIG. He was “cereal” about it being a danger and no one believed him. Plus Cartman eats coins and drama ensues. Highlight: Al Gore’s lispy voice and exposed insecurity of chasing this mythical creature being a metaphor for the former Vice President’s continued pursuit of relevance in the public eye.

28. Royal Pudding (Season 15 / Ep 3) South Park has a long crew of Canadian story lines and side characters in the head-flapping farting duo Terrence and Phillip  as well Kyle’s adopted littler brother Ike. Not to the mention the North American war depicted in the film adaption of the series, ‘South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut’ which were not including on this list, because it’s a movie. Ike being drawn to the TV while news breaks out in homeland is a moment of sincerity. Highlight: The “As is tradition” assertions of the commentator during the Royal Canadian Wedding including the traditional throwing of Captain Crunch, the tradition arm-cleaning of Butterscotch pudding, and the traditional application of the fake beard.


27. Butter’s Very Own Episode (Season 5 / Ep 14) The clueless bright-eyed Butters nearly gets killed and breaks up his family as he tried to get his dad back home in time for his parent’s anniversary dinner at Bennigan’s. It’s a vehicle for how unaware Butters is of his own surroundings, while being an endearing sweetheart. Highlight: Our little buddy getting his own theme song which punctuates the entire episode in little accents. 

26. Informative Murder Porn (Season 17 Episode 2) All of the parents of South Park have a secret. They are all addicted to “Informative Murder Porn”. But when one child’s father kills his mother, the boys decide enough is enough, and must block the cable channel that carries the “Informative Murder Porn” by using terminology from Minecraft. What are the parents to do? Learn Minecraft of course, but this may not even be the best part of this episode. It is South Parks representation of cable companies that sealed the deal in putting this episode on the list.

25. The Passion of the Jew (Season 8 / Ep 3) One of the most controversial episodes of the series (and that’s saying a lot) is this tale which touches on a religious movie by Hollywood star Mel Gibson which allows Cartman go full blown villain mode and Kyle goes into a mental breakdown. Meanwhile, Gibson whose actual face is displayed in his animated version here is portrayed like a Looney Tunes cartoon in his Bravehart make up. Highlight: The over-the-phone NSFW exchange between Cartman and Stan about trying to get $18 back from Gibson because they didn’t like ‘the Passion’.

WHAT WILL BE THE KEWLEST EPISODE OF SOUTH PARK? Will your favorite make this DEFINITIVE list that if it were listed next to other lists by the girls of South Park Elementary School would be seen to much cuter than Clyde. Let us know on Twitter @101WKQX and Facebook.