Welcome To The Future


We already know that the Cubs are becoming one of the best teams in the MLB. They currently sit in first place in the Central Division with a 7.5 game lead over the Cardinals and they are only .5 games back of having the best record in baseball behind the Giants. Not only are the Cubs making great strides on the field, but Wrigley Field is slowly becoming one of the best stadiums in baseball. No longer does it smell bad or have the bad rep of being one of the most under appreciated stadiums in the MLB, but instead with recent renovations and construction it has skyrocketed in popularity, again.

The popularity of Wrigley is about to become even higher! Announced yesterday after the Cubs season is over, the whole lower bowel of Wrigley field will be overhauled and going in underneath the seats behind home plate will be a new luxury dining and drinking experience for ticket holders of those seats. Even though the the area will be under field level and right behind home plate, there will be no view for that area but you will get to eat some pretty amazing food along with some nice cocktails to then go back to your seats and enjoy before, during, or after the game. Along with the private eating and drinking options of this new area, you will also get to experience the great feature of private bathrooms away from the rest of the visitors to Wrigley!

As you probably guess this is not going to be cheap and it will cost you a pretty penny to get all of these experiences. It already cost around $300 a ticket to sit in that area of the ballpark, but to be put on a priority list to get into the new luxury area it will cost you about $500 just for the deposit.  As of today, the Cubs said they have already received close to 300 deposits just for the experience alone, that doesn’t include tickets.The areas isn’t expected to be fully ready until the 2018 season, but with that being said do you think this is good or bad for Wrigley, and why? Go ahead and let us know what you think!