POKEMON GOES REAL LIFE: Chasing Pikachu in this must-see video


Youtube superstar Caset Neistat brought the Pokemon craze to the very real streets of NYC in this very entertaining video where he wildly pursues a friend in a big goofy Pikachu outfit in a skateboard chase that is utterly delightful. The highlight has to be other random strangers (who we can assume were in Central Park playing PKGO)  jumping in on the chase to ‘catch ’em all’. Anytime I see someone in a big mascot-like costume I feel the need to at least bear-hug them, so I get their compelled actions here.

So whether or not your walking into traffic trying to catch a Squirttle or getting annoyed with everyone posting about this game that has distracted us all from the real world, you can take this fun video,