Don’t Pokemon Go and Drive


If you are looking for a reason to hate Pokemon Go then this may be it. First things first though, you should never be using your phone and driving at the same time, it’s dangerous and stupid because you could get in an accident along with putting others in danger.

The other day while a couple of Baltimore Police officers were sitting outside their car talking, they caught something very shocking on their body cameras. They caught coming out of no where a car sideswiping their police car! Thankfully no one was inside the police car and after the Police Officers initial shock they ran over to the car to make sure the driver that hit them wasn’t having a medical emergency. After coming to the car and seeing what was up, the driver openly admitted right away to playing Pokemon Go and driving at the same time.

If there are two lessons that come out of this video, it’s that you should not be using your phone and driving at the same time and you should stop playing Pokemon Go right away because it is ruining lives everywhere!

You can check out the video of the incident below!