Pokemon Go set to surpass Twitter and take over the world

We now live in a world…a world of Pokemon Go. Almost instantly it took over our collective lives with people exploring our city on every corner aiming their phones at anything to ‘catch them all’. Shockingly after less than a week, it is set to surpass Twitter in active users. PkGo is currently ranked on the Google Play store above Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. The game’s creator Nintendo has benefited from this mania, with their stock storming upward, adding $7.5 billion to the company’s market value.

ETC News effectively collected all the weird and funny stories connected to the release a game that sends everyone into the streets including robberies, falling in ditches, and random strangers flirting at Pokemon Go meetup spots. Check it out all in the video but be beware it has some NSFW language. A Wyoming teen found a dead body in a river while playing the game, she was lead there by an alert of Pikachu being near by.

Personally,I have not yet played the game but it was interesting to see JVO complaining in the hallway today about the screename ‘JVO’  not be available to use as he set up his ‘trainer’. What are some PkGo stories you can share? Any cool spots around Chicago and the suburbs to go hunting?  Hit us up on Twitter and socials to let us know.

With any internet craze, it’s bound to spark a few memes. Here are some choice dank memes that I feel are quite dank if not the dankest.








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