Mumford & Sons plays the role of Blink-182 in new video

Wait is that Blink 182….no it’s Mumford & Sons or is it?!

Blink 182 uploaded their new music video for the mini-ditty of song “Brohemian Rhapsody” which is a playful spin on the Queen classic. That lighthearted tone continues here with Mum & Sons goofing as Blink in their late 90’s apparel. Maybe there is some clothes here that you wore back in 2000? It’s a must-watch.

Here are some other bands we would like to see pretend to be other bands or artists.

Beck plays Lorde: He could pull off ‘Royals’ right? There close in height plus with a wig and some dark markeup, you might not know the difference….or would you?

Foo Fighters plays Weezer: Dave Grohl just wears a cadigan and horn-rimmed glasses like River’s in the ‘Buddy Holly’ video. Yeah, baiscally that’s all you need.

Twenty-One Pilots plays Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff: Now that’s not exactly an alternative-to-alternative connection, but it would be neat to hear Tyler and Josh do a cover of the theme song to ‘Fresh Prince of Beverly Hills’.

And apparently customs agents at an airport, do not know the difference between Red Hot Chili Peppers and Metallica, proof here.