These spot-on Nickelodeon impressions will whisk you back to the ’90s



The newest video by prolific YouTube comedian/impressionist Brock Baker brings back all of your favorite (and some forgotten) characters of ’90s Nickelodeon. The charming and frenetic video features household staples Ren and Stimpy but also reaches a little further with CatDog’s Dog (no word on Cat’s whereabouts) and the terrifying but sweet Krumm from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. (READ MORE HERE) 


So many memories come flashing back. Like the time I was supposed to be doing homework but I was watching Ren & Stimpy instead and my mom walked in. She would’ve been happier if I was looking at a website with adult films. I was only grounded for a month. Totally worth it. – @marconibologna