Prophets of Rage make their live debut in California


A few weeks back the world wanted to know if an online rumor-mill was going to usher back the timely return of Rage Against the Machine in an election year, but what we got was something slightly different, unique, and more than the expected with acclaimed MCs B-Real of Cypress Hill and Chuck D of Public Enemy combining forces with RATM’s guitarist Tom Morello, drummer Brad Wilk and bassist Tim Commerford. The group operating under the provocative name Prophets of Rage, took the stage for their live debut last night at L.A.’s Whiskey-a-Go-Go to a captive sold-out crowd. Based on early reviews, it seems like the politically-charged mash-up is delivering the goods.

As was expected the group heavily aimed their musical weaponry at Republican candidate Donald Trump, going as far as to offering ‘Make America Rage Again’ satirical trucker hats playing at their merch table. This targeting of Trump continued with Chuck D proclaiming before POR went into an on-point cover of the Beasite Boy’s classic ‘No Sleep ’til Brooklyn’,  “No Sleep ’til Cleveland”. This could be a veiled tease reference to a very rumored show the band may be putting on in Cleveland, Ohio during the GOP convention in July.

Obliviously a lot of fans are still thinking why RATM front man Zach Del Roca is not just back for a full fledged reunion and that elephant in the room was addressed on stage. “There’s always a seat warm for Zack De La Rocha,” said Chuck D according to a detailed live review by Consequences of Sound.  Let’s see where that issue goes.

According to a live report from Rolling Stone, the all-star band performed this set which mixed together music from Cypress Hill, Public Enemy, and Rage Against the Machine. Note the show did feature two new songs written solely for this collaboration “The Party’s Over” and “Shut Them Down”.

“Prophets of Rage” (Public Enemy)
“Guerilla Radio” (Rage Against the Machine)
“Bombtrack” (RATM)
“Miuzi Weighs a Ton” (PE)
“People of the Sun” (RATM)
“Take the Power Back” (RATM)
“Rock Superstar” (Cypress Hill)
“Testify” (RATM)

Public Enemy/Cypress Hill medley:
“Shoot Em Up”
“Can’t Trust It”
“Insane in the Membrane”
“Bring the Noise”
“I Ain’t Going Out Like That”
“Welcome to the Terrordome”

“Sleep Now in the Fire” (RATM)
“Shut Them Down” (Prophets of Rage)
“Know Your Enemy” (RATM)
“The Party’s Over” (Prophets of Rage)
“No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn”/”Fight the Power” (Beastie Boys/Public Enemy)
“Bulls on Parade” (RATM)
“Killing in the Name” (RATM)

Prophets of Rage is scheduled for another talked-about show in LA this week at the Hollywood Paladium and their officiial website is teasing a countdown to another announcement in 4 days.

For those of you RATM fans who might still be undecided on whether or not to take the power back with this new band, here is a classic throwback to Rage performing at the Aragon from JBTV.  @kevkellam