BEHOLD, MORTALS! The world’s longest pizza! This massive pizza was certified this week by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s longest pizza in Naples, Itally. It took over a 100 chefs 11 hours on specially designed stoves to make the mega-za that is 6082.2 feet / 1.15 miles long in Neapolitan style.

If you don’t get impressed by this, you also don’t like really cute puppies and sunny afternoons. If we would spend more time making pizza like this, we would be able to stop all the bad things in the world…maybe that is just the way I see it.

We here at 101WKQX stand by our commitment to all things piz and za with our recent blogged journey to the Chicago Pizza Summit in April where upcoming Riot Fest 2016 performer Andrew WK gave the keynote address. Check out that story here. and while we’re at it, enter to win Riot Fest passes here. 

If Marconi stops showing up to the studio later this week, we know he will have left us to travel to Naples and show praise for this man-made wonder of sauce, bread, and cheese. Tweet us your thoughts @101WKQX about this magnificent milestone of marinera.  -@kevkellam