New Ghostbusters reboot trailer will not make you mad



The first trailer for the ‘Ghostbusters’ trailer with an all-star all-female cast had some serious shade casted on it getting most thumbs-down of any trailer on Youtube, so how does a new trailer for the upcoming movie climb out of the internet slime of the first one?  Well it’s a little bit better and shows off some funnier jokes but why don’t you watch it and tell us yourself. Some spoilers are below the video, beware.

So the CGI effects look a lot better with dash of wonder to them. Slimer! Yep, he’s still gross. The jokes are notably funnier than the previous trailer’s knuckle-dragging prat falls which were most upsetting part about it for me. SNL star Leslie Jones really has a super-entertaining line here and interesting interaction with a demon. It’s a better trailer, and should have been the first reveal for the movie.

Still as a fan of the original films with Bill Murray and company, I am still drawn to seeing this in theaters when it comes out in July but I just won’t be rushing to see it with my proton pack on.

Now let the debate continue about the backlash against the new female GB movie being either completely sexism against the all female cast or just fans not happy with the content. Comedy Central’s Nightly Show did a really good job of roasting the trolls online with this commentary from Franchesca Ramsey. @kevkellam