Weezer will utilize a computer to rock even nerdier


Weezer has been lovingly tagged as a band for nerds with their ballads of unrequited love and social struggles from the playful mind of their leader Rivers Cuomo but the band is looking to the nerdiest way possible to spice up their sets for this summer’s tour with Panic! at the Disco and Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness which hits the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater on July 18th (ENTER TO WIN TICKETS HERE). In an interview with EW, Cuomo says a computer will generate a random set list for each night to make the tour unique on every night.

I’m trying to write a computer program to generate a random setlist every night from a bank of about 40 or 50 songs. The new album (‘White Album’) will be in there. And I have to come up with a bunch of parameters for each song. Like, “Well this one can go first, but it can’t go at the end of the set” and so on. That way we can have a different setlist but it’s always quality. It’s fun for us and it’s fun for the fans who come to multiple shows.- River Cuomo, Weezer 

Yes, leave it to an accomplished Harvard alum to use his own self-made software to shake up his veteran band’s thick catalog for die-hard fans. Still don’t scream foul like your not going to hear your favorites when the Weez takes the stage, there is no way thousands of people will leave Tinley Park without screaming ‘SAY IT AIN’T SOOO!’ at the top of their lungs. It would be cool to hear rare deeper cuts like ‘Take Control’ from the Maladroit album or maybe something off the ‘Red’ album.

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