Two new TV series to start filming in Chicago for FOX

Two new TV shows will soon start filming in the Chicago area for FOX according to a report today by RedEye. The most noteable of the two is an adaption for TV of  the classic 70’s horror film and novel ‘The Exorcist’ with veteran actress Geena Davis set in the starring role. If this is anything like the movie, I will hide from my TV like dog in a bathroom during a thunderstorm. If you have never seen this instant terror of a movie, well just take in the trailer to see what I mean.

The other planned show is “A.P.B” is a police drama and according to Variety it’s about  “tech billionaire who purchases a troubled police precinct in the wake of a loved one’s murder.” Let’s just hope that Robocop can somehow be involved, or a knock-off version called Officer Robotic. 

It is not clear yet when these shows will start filming but the productions have been confirmed by city officials. There is now six different shows filming in town. NBC’s ‘Chicago P.D.’ ‘Chicago Med’ and ‘Chicago Fire’ are still busy locally.  Netflix is shooting portions of the show ‘ Senses8’ this summer in the area along with Amazon who is going produce the dramatic series ‘Patriot’.

Let’s hope this leads to extra work for everybody at 101WKQX so we can hang out in the background on camera, while people fight crime and demons…or demons who commit crimes?! New show idea: DEMON COP!