“We Know Where You Live”: Radiohead is getting scary to promote new album



Radiohead have been known to be reclusive and secretive throughout their run as alternative icons, so it’s not out of character that the band has apparently been behind a scary and weird promotional campaign in the UK this week. Fans received embossed grey leaflets in the mail with the cryptic phrases ““Sing the song of sixpence, burn the witch,” and  “We know where you live.” RH’s mouse head logo is stamped in the corner to make this only a little less than terrifying. The internet detectives are on the case on Reddit, more on that here.   One of biggest theories behind this flyer points to German folklore with “Witches Night”, which falls on April 30th or May 1st, depending on that year’s specific calendar. This has some thinking the band will do a pop-up release of their new album this weekend.

Radiohead headlines Day 2 of  Lollapalooza in Grant Park on July 30th. – Kevin