Chicago Pizza Summit!!!

Marconi and I went to the Chicago Pizza Summit at Chop Shop yesterday, it was incredible!! All pizza everything ūüėÄ


The pizza and party king himself, Andrew WK was there with some inspiring and deep words about the best food on the planet.  And partying.


Some of my favorites included the house-made giardiniera and PBR meatball pizza from Boiler Room, the vegan philly cheese pizza¬†from Santullo’s, and the explosion of flavor that was the¬†Hoisin BBQ, ginger beer braised pork belly, red bell pepper, fried cheese curds, cilantro & sriracha slice from Pie Eyed Pizzeria.

My favorite item from the US Pizza museum, the pizza scarf! Made by Jessica Marie Sisto, I am going to need one of these.

pizza scarf

And Adam from Old Style had a pizza pouch!


You know, after completely overdosing on pizza I thought I would be all set on it for a long time… but I could really go for a slice right now…


Marconi made a video about our big day:

You can watch Andrew WK’s keynote address from the Chicagoist¬†HERE

More on the summit from HERE